Lancelot Fund & Portfolio Management

Lancelot Fund and Portfolio Management Limited is an asset management

company that operates in the Nigeria capital market. We are licensed

and regulated by NGX and SEC.

What We Do 

The Easiest Ways to Manage Finances

We provide detailed and comprehensive financial planning advice and wealth management services. We build strategic partnerships with each one of our clients  including retail, ultra and high net-worth individuals, financial advisers and institutions in order to fully understand their financial requirements, and to develop products and services that deliver optimal returns while effectively managing risk. Our team is made up of experienced wealth advisors to help you make the right investment decisions.


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Our approach to asset management ensures that your money not only stays safe but grows steadily over time, giving you the financial freedom you desire.


Our experienced team offers professional portfolio management, guiding your investments for optimal growth and diversification.


Let us help you take control of your finances with simple budgeting techniques, smart investment options, and customized retirement plans.


For businesses, we offer practical insights into financial strategies, risk management, and growth planning, so you can focus on what you do best.

What Our Clients Say

Their team's dedication to financial literacy and ongoing support has been invaluable. I have complete trust in their abilities to protect and grow my wealth.
Daniel Lee
I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Lancelot Fund And Portfolio Management Limited. Their knowledgeable and responsive team has been instrumental in helping me plan for my future.
Emily Wilson
I appreciate their dedication to understanding my unique needs and goals. They have helped me navigate complex financial decisions, making me feel confident and informed every step of the way.
John Doe

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we’ve assembled a team of friendly financial experts who are ready to assist you in various aspects of your financial journey. Our range of services is designed to cater to different needs, whether you’re an individual looking to improve your finances, or a business aiming to thrive financially:

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Our approach to wealth management ensures that your money not only stays safe but grows steadily over time, giving you the financial freedom you desire.

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